Get The Job Done

Login as the enigma-anchor user with sudo - enigma-anchor. Once you start the enigma-anchor, you're welcome with the a short summary of the actual status of the certificate management and a list of actions that may be urgent.

You are then able to use one of the pre-defined commands:

  • create <domain name> - creates a certificate for a given domain name;
  • manage <domain name> [app] - requests management of a domain, you can optionally add an application you want to manage - the default is a web server;
  • revoke <domain name> [app] - revokes certificate for a particular domain (and application, if specified);
  • check [domain name] [app] - returns certificates and their expiry dates;
  • list - shows all the domains and applications managed by enigma-anchor;
  • admin - show and allow changing contact details for reports;
  • kpi - display key performance indicators (KPI).